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A benefit to pupils and teachers...

So far, over 140 schools across the North West have joined Beth and the team for their school gymnastics, and many more are set to join throughout this academic year.

Autumn 2017 has been our biggest term to date, delivering 207 hours of National Curriculum gymnastics across 58 schools - that's 70% growth from 2016!

The programme gives teachers valuable experience working with a qualified coach, and the pupils the opportunity to receive high level coaching from our team. The children are taught a wide spectrum of skills including rolling, jumping, balancing and travelling as well as improving their strength and flexibility and working with, and on, different apparatus. They will be developing sequences and can also work towards displays to showcase to parents and the rest of the school at the end of term.

Teachers are given the full terms worth of in-depth session plans for their age group as a reference point and to aid them in delivering sessions in the future. 

We can also offer after-school clubs in conjunction with the curriculum offer to give the children more opportunity to try the sport, and as we have academies locally, they are also given the opportunity to join a club and progress through awards schemes and achieve badges, stickers and certificates.

Opportunities for schools throughout the North West

Beth Tweddle's Schools Gymnastics is already up and running throughout the North West, with the programme available for school years Reception through to Year 6, at a time to suit each individual school. The project is working in partnership with the Association for Physical Education.

Since starting the programme, Total Gymnastics Academies have been awarded Approved Provider Status by Manchester Active Schools, which allows us to offer our programme to even more children across the region for all primary schools.

We're really proud of the work we do with schools, so we've spoken to a few and got their opinion on the Total Gymnastics experience. Click on the links below to have a read.

Beth and the team are working hard to develop schools provision that will have a positive impact on gymnastics in the region - and who knows, perhaps this could be the beginning of the next generation of GB stars!

For more information on the opportunity of Total Gymnastics delivering a curriculum gymnastics programme in your school get in touch with our team on 0161 694 7929 or via e-mail at

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