Who won tickets to the British Gymnastics Championships?

As you know, our new Podium Programme has been created to reward Total Gymnastics customers.

The Gold prize on offer this time was tickets to the British Gymnastics Championships 2017 at the Echo Arena Liverpool.

Firstly, we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone that entered the competition, it's great to hear all the wonderful reasons our members love Total Gymnastics!

Have a look at our well-deserved winners below and hear what their reasons are:


Lucy Smith from our British Gymnastics group wowed us with this amazing video – keep up the good work, Lucy!




Lilly Mia Campion got to see ‘all the big people on the stage’ – we hope you had a terrific time, Lilly!




Finally, Libby Maxwell doesn’t have to nag anymore because she went to the Championships too – you’re welcome, mum! And because the Maxwell family have been with Total Gymnastics since 2013, we gave Libby an extra ticket to take one of her sisters along with her to join in the fun.




We hope you all had a fantastic time gymnasts!


For everyone that didn’t win this time around, keep an eye open for the next Podium Programme prizes on offer.