Interview with Mummy on a Budget

We spoke to Mummy on a Budget, a blogger living in Cheshire, about why she loves blogging and how she keeps her two young children active and on the go!

What is it that inspired you to start blogging?

I started blogging in January 2014, nine months after my daughter was born as I’d always wanted to create my own website and I thought it would be a great way to record our family adventures. It’s sort of our family diary. I was never good at writing a diary as a kid but 3 years later I’m still writing my blog and still really enjoying it! I hope my kids appreciate it when they’re older and can look back on all our memories.

What’s been the highlight of starting your blog?

Although I don’t proactively seek out review opportunities and it’s not why I blog, a few nice things have come our way including a couple of family meals out, my daughter had a Bowling Party and we enjoyed a fab weekend away in Bristol.

Does your blog connect you with other people in the community and further beyond?

There is a huge blogging community and it keeps growing. It’s nice to have contact with lots of fellow bloggers and you can always find someone going through similar things as you. I get a lot of inspiration for our days out from other blogs. On a couple of occasions I have been recognised as ‘Mummy on a Budget’ at playgroups which is a bit weird but nice to know that others are reading my blog.

How do you keep your children active and on the go?

We’re out and about a lot as a family and, when my partner is not working, we’re always off somewhere. We love the outdoors and are never happier than when we’re outside doing something, even if it’s just a walk. We try to go swimming as often as we can and once my daughter has mastered riding her bike without stabilisers, family bike rides are going to become a big feature of our days out.

To what extent do you believe children benefit from taking part in extra-curricular activities?

Extra-curricular activities are great for kids to learn new skills and make new friends. Through her gym classes my daughter has learnt that you have to practice and persevere in order to achieve the next badge. We quite often play pretend gym class, with me as the teacher and her practicing!

How important do you think it is for children to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

It’s very important but hard. We try hard to eat healthily at home but our 4 year old daughter can be quite fussy. The same can’t be said for our 1 year old boy. Being outdoors a lot tends to mean we’re being active without necessarily doing an actual sport or activity. Our daughter is of an age where just a simple game of tag is the best fun!

Have any of your children ever taken an interest in gymnastics? If so, what’s their favourite thing about it?

Our daughter saw a little bit of the gymnastics from the Olympics but is still a bit too young to fully appreciate what the athletes are doing! However when she does see someone doing gymnastics she then tries to copy with very limited success! It’s great that she wants to try though!

I asked my daughter what her favourite thing about her gym class is and her response was “roly polys”! The simple joys of 4 year olds!

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