Monthly Testimonials - January 2017

 Here at Total Gymnastics we love to hear your feedback.

We work so hard to provide the best service we can so when we hear positive comments it makes it all worth while.

Below are a few of the comments from our customers over the past month: 

"Great opportunity for young children to learn how to do basic exercises (forward rolls etc.) with a trained instructor. Provides discipline to listen and follow instructions, learn how to wait in turn and interact with other children and adults. Great class to ensure children from an early age incorporate (safe & fun) exercise into daily life. Thoroughly recommend!"



"My daughter loves it, comes home raving about class and all the moves she can now do!"



"The lessons are really good. My daughter is really enjoying them. They are not too pushy and remain fun but challenging."




"The sessions are fun and varied. The children don't have to wait long for their turn to do the exercises which is always important at their age. The instructor is attentive and helps/corrects the children throughout the session (which hasn't always happened with some of the instructors my son had before at the same venue. We aren't expecting our son to become an Olympic gymnast at all, but we feel it's important that the coach pays attention and helps/corrects him when needed). The team of instructors working at the moment seen quite attentive to the children, even with odd crying new starter, which is always lovely to see."



"The instructors are excellent and have got very good and appropriate skills for teaching children."



Very professional and the coaches are very friendly and approachable the kids really enjoy all the different activities."